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Animation Samples: Film. Video Games.

Cine director - Anthem LIVE

Lead Cine Animator - Anthem

Anthem (E3 2018)

The cinematics animation team and I had worked on the demo's intro: 1) The Strider walking in the wilderness with animals running and flying flying away, 2) The Javelins closing up in the airlock. 3) Javelins getting ready on the back of the Strider + additional in-game-cinematics throughout the demo.

Anthem (Xbox E3 2017)

The team and I had worked on Praxley's animated performance, into-suit entrance animation, exo-suit walkout on the ramp animation, setting up the monster fight, the Strider's animated destruction & its dynamic trees - and more.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Animation 

Sr. Cinematics Animator

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Sr. Cinematics Animator, character animator

Uncharted 4 PSX Demo Grapple Animation

All hand keyframe

Uncharted 4 E3 2015 Chase Demo

Designed and keyframed both Drakes, Motorcycle and camera.

The Last Of Us

Sr. Cinematics Animator, Character animator

Outlander Previs Animation

Shots and sequences prevised directly w/ the Director and VFX Supervisor

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