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The Last Of Us: 1/4 Scale Clicker.


Images courtesy of GamingHeads

I designed the pose as well as the base. The Clicker's behavior is extremely erratic and agressive - hence the flailing of the arms and the ultra dynamic pose. Originally I had the Clicker's left leg go airborne, but we ended up planting it to absorb the weight of the sculpture. I also wanted to break away from the subtlety of the collector's edition that feature's Joel and Ellie, to set the humans and the infected apart. The awesome part about this statue is the beastly height of a 1/4 scale (about 20" from the ground up). The exclusive edition has the portrait wearing a broken gas mask.The folks at IPfactory did an amazing job taking care of the detail that would normally get lost when going from digital models to real life sculpture, namely the fuzz of the mushrooms. 


It was a blast to work on it.


-Tal Peleg

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