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Tal Peleg Artwork | Cinematography present

Dante's Redemption


Behind the scenes

Tal Peleg here, director & creator of Dante's Redemption, Fan Fiction films of EA™'s Dante's Inferno™. Before I start, I'd like to thank the team of talented riggers and character modelers who made it possible for me to take it to the finish line: 1) Tyler Thornock as the lead TD, the rigger behind the entirety of the creatures and characters on screen. 2) Kris Fancsali & Soa Lee for the amazing character models, and 3) Damon Shelton & Brian Kenny for their savvy work on additional character rigging and simulation. 


I will first discuss the reasons and inspirations for the project, following by the experience, detailing the creative process for both fans and aspiring artists alike.

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