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Tal Peleg Artwork | Cinematography present

Dante's Redemption


Hello fans of Dante's Redemption! (1/23/22)

As many of you may know, the animated shorts of Dante's Redemption are a personal project of mine. As such, production is naturally fragile and heavily dependable on free time as well as volunteering help.


However, since the pandemic broke out in 2020, ACT II's production has been crippled to a crawl. Although most of the motion capture has been shot, and much of the VFX and compositing tooling has been established, the project has eventually come to an indefinite halt.


It is extremely challenging to undertake this project without having an adverse impact on my personal life, as well as my day job. My hope is to resume work when I can establish a steadier stream of artist support and free time

I understand this will disappoint many of you. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope you all can acknowledge the universal circumstances that have direly impacted numerous studios and jobs around the globe, let alone a voluntary luxury such as this dream project. 

Thank you for your inspiring support and understanding. I am humbled by your love for the project.


Tal Peleg -- Director     Tyler Thornock -- Lead Creature / Character TD      Daniel Iannantuono - Composer / Original Soundtrack


"Dante's Redemption" is a fan-fiction short film. All rights reserved to their respective owners (©Tal Peleg Dante's Redemption | Electronic Arts, Inc. "Dante's Inferno®").

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