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Anthem™ 7 minute gameplay video

I am very proud of what the Anthem team had created in just about a few weeks worth of work. My team and I were responsible for a number of moments in the demo (Praxley's animated performance, inner-suit entrance animation, exo-suit walkout on the ramp animation, setting up the monster fight, the Strider's animated destruction & its dynamic trees - and more). Obviously, our contribution is but a small portion to an otherwise brilliant team of top notch devs (gameplay animators, artists, design, SFX, VFX, tech and programming) that made this demo a reality under a real short notice.

The demo is all in game, and real-time.

It was a telling stress test that demonstrated passion for excellence and an unshakable bond between the Edmonton and Austin teams. This is just the beginning, and we're aiming no less than a win.

Hope you all love it.


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