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Dante's Redemption: ACT I - towards the finish line

Hello all Dante's Redemption fans!

Dante's Redemption: ACT I has never been in such great shape. Currently, about 90% of it is final and approved, and fully presentable. However, one last scene (the ending), is still work-in-progress. Despite it being the only remaining segment (about 30 seconds), it is taking a little longer to complete primarily due to the heightened volume of work and responsibilities at my day job.

Dante's Redemption: ACTI - Unreleased Key Art

We, at BioWare, have recently announced our brand new IP: Anthem. Everyone at the studio has been very hard at work to make all the difference and aim for the win. We are competitively compelled to reform production practices to genuinely & continuously drive quality and set the bar; not meet it. We are fully invested into Anthem to bring BioWare back into its award winning pedigree. Such commitment requires a great deal of focus and energy.

That being said, I am making every spare time count, even if in tiny little increments, to see ACT I released this year as intended.

Dante's Redemption is deeply seated in my heart, so rest assured that

not a day goes by without me at least planning things ahead or adding more brush strokes to some killer key art.

Thank you all for your trust and patience.


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